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Sharon Basaraba

Turn Back Your Biological Clock This Year

By January 14, 2013

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Birthday Cake

If you're like many people who made resolutions this month, you're trying to shake off a few (or more) pounds. Losing weight is the number one resolution North Americans adopt in January. But why not take a broader look at your health, and resolve to get younger this year instead?

Though you can't do anything about the number of years you've logged on the calendar, you have a lot of control over how fast you're aging.  Longevity researchers call this your biological age, and it's really an indication of how well your body is functioning,  In fact, you can cheat your calendar or  chronological age somewhat by living a healthy lifestyle, getting rid of excess body fat (especially dangerous belly fat), getting health issues checked when they arise, going for regular medical screenings, staying connected within your community, etc. Many of these get-younger strategies are simple and straightforward, and will effectively keep you young -- and improve your longevity -- if you consistently follow them.

What are your own secrets to keep you young and healthy?

February 14, 2013 at 6:16 pm
(1) Alain says:

My longevity secret is to have the right attitude and to learn how to better deal with things like stress, anger, and anxiety. I personally believe that having the right mindset is the ultimate secret to staying young and healthy. For example, supercentenarian Jeanne Calment was said to have a very high tolerance for stress and anxiety. Some believe this is the reason she lived so long. Like Dale Carnegie once said, we all need to learn “How to Stop Worrying, and How to Start Living”!

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