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Blogs on Longevity, Aging and Healthy Aging

Longevity, aging and healthy aging are complicated topics. You need a lot of information on aging and longevity to know what to choose. Here are some other blogs that can give you additional perspectives. Check them out and come back here often for more information on aging and longevity.

Encore - Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life
Encore.org is committed to helping people find "work that matters in the second half of life." They believe that older adults should take their expertise and wisdom and find a way to contribute meaningfully to the world. Check out their site and their blog.

Blue Zones - Places Where People Age Well
Blue Zones are places where people age well, age better than expected. This site documents journeys to those places and outlines what can be learned about longevity and healthy aging from people who have done it. Learn the secrets of longevity from around the world.

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