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Cancer and Aging

Aging and cancer work together to wear down your body. Learn how you can reduce your risk of cancer as you age and how aging can impact cancer onset and course.

Longevity Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Smoking has been proven to be a dangerous habit, increasing your risk of cancer and damaging nearly every organ of the body. How many years of life can you gain, when you quit smoking?

How Much Older Will I Look, If I Smoke?
Smoking poses a serious cancer threat to your lungs - but did you know tobacco can age your skin, too? Find out how much older you can expect to look if you smoke.

What's the Longevity Cost of Smoking?
Smoking is considered the number one preventable cause of death (from cancer and other diseases), thanks to the toll it takes on longevity and overall health. Learn how many years are lost with tobacco.

What is a Risk Factor?
Find out what the term "risk factor" means in epidemiological research, and how risk factors increase your chances of developing diseases like cancer.

What's the Difference Between UVA and UVB Rays?
Sunscreens might block UVA rays, or UVB rays, or both; what's the difference, for protection against skin cancer?

Skin Cancer Screening for Couples
Skin cancer screening is a great time for couples to help each other fight cancer. Skin cancer screenings can be done as part of a romantic, and health promoting, evening. Do a skin cancer screening for your partner and help prevent cancer.

How High an SPF Do I Need?
Sunscreens contain a wide variety of SPF values; find out how high your SPF should be, to prevent skin cancer and photoaging.

Onions and Garlic for Longevity
Promising research suggests onions and garlic can prevent certain cancers. Find out what it is about this family of vegetables that packs such a powerful anti-cancer punch.

What is Photoaging?
Find out how chronic exposure to the sun can prematurely age your skin, making you more prone to skin cancer.

How Can Acupuncture Help Chemotherapy?
Acupuncture can help chemotherapy side effects such as nausea. Check with your doctor to see if acupuncture can help you tolerate your treatment better.

Minimum Exercise for a Longer Life
Standard physical activity recommendations for health are to exercise at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes, 5 times a week. But what amount of exercise really makes a difference to how long you live? Find out the minimum you need to do, to increase your lifespan.

Check Yourself for Skin Cancer
Skin cancer is a treatable cancer if caught early enough. Through a combination of professional skin cancer screenings and annual self skin examinations, you can significantly reduce your risk of skin cancer and increase your longevity.

What is Photosensitivity?
Photosensitivity can increase a risk of skin or eye cancers: what exactly is photosensitivity?

What is Broad-Spectrum Coverage?
We often hear that need broad-spectrum coverage against UV rays to avoid skin cancer - what does broad-spectrum mean?

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