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How TO Use a New Hearing Aid


Updated December 12, 2007

It takes some time to adjust to using a hearing aid. The following tips will help you make a smooth and quick adjustment to using a hearing on a regular basis:

1. Learn the Features

Take some time while you are still with the audiologist who sold you the hearing aid to learn everything you can about it. Practice replacing the batteries, cleaning the hearing aid and telling the left hearing aid from the right.

2. Learn to Adjust

Learn how to adjust your hearing aid for different situations like a loud room. You may even ask to walk outside where there is traffic and have someone talk to you before leaving with your new hearing aid.

3. Do Not Overdo It

Some people find hearing aids uncomfortable at first. Ask how long you should wear your hearing aid each day while you are adjusting. Depending on the type of hearing aid you have, it may take a few days or more to become used to wearing a hearing aid.

4. My Voice Seems Loud

Using a hearing aid will change how your own voice sounds to you. Most users get used to the change with time and no longer notice it. Your audiologist may be able to make an adjustment.

5. Background Noise is Loud

If background noise or noise that you do not want to hear is too loud, you may need to have an adjustment made on your hearing aid.

6. I Hear Buzzing from my Cell Phone

Cells phones can interfere with hearing aids. It is a good idea to take your cell phone with you to test it on a new hearing aid.

7. Practice Listening

Even though hearing aids improve your hearing, they do not bring it back to normal. By combining using a hearing aid with improvements in your communication skills, you can develop a more effective approach. Learn good communication skills.

8. Start Slowly

If you get a new hearing aid and instantly go into a complex sound environment (like a restaurant), it may be confusing and frustrating. Start by listening to TV or radio and give yourself time to understand how the hearing aid changes what you hear. Eventually your brain will get very good at filtering the sound.

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