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Preventing and Treating Age Spots

How Anti Aging Skin Care Products Work on Age Spots


Updated May 05, 2009

Age Spots

Age Spots

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Age spots are often the target of anti aging skin care products. There are some misunderstandings about age spots. First off, they are not caused by aging, but by exposure to the UV light of the sun. Sometimes people will call them “liver spots” though they have nothing to do with the liver. For me, there is something particularly gross about calling something on your hands a “liver spot.” Maybe it’s just a personal quirk, but I really don’t like that term at all.

Solar Lentigo – Age Spots by Another Name

The proper, and more useful, name for age spots is “solar lentigo.” Basically this means a spot caused by the sun. Essentially, age spots are really big freckles and usually appear on the arms, face, hands, back and feet. People with fairer skin are more likely to get age spots. Age spots are not an appearance-issue only, because sometimes there is dryness, roughness and even thinning of the skin at the age spot (which could lead to increased bruising).

Treatment for Age Spots

Effective age spot treatment is typically done by a dermatologist. There are several different approaches depending on the skin, location and number of age spots being treated. Some of the approaches use fade creams to lighten the area of the age spot. Other approaches attempt to freeze off the age spots using cryotherapy. There are also procedures to remove age spots using lasers and tretinoin (Retin-a and other products). All of these are done by prescription. You may find some over-the-counter creams that claim to fade age spots – they might work a little, but are much less potent than the prescription creams.

Preventing Age Spots

Anti aging skin care for preventing age spots is pretty simple: Reduce your exposure to the sun. You can do this by avoiding exposure through wearing protective clothing and simply not being out in the sun too much. You can also prevent age spots by using sunscreens. Consider using a daily face and hand cream that has sunscreen in it. This would help prevent age spots on the most visible parts of your body.

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