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The Longevity Game from NMFN

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Updated June 23, 2008

The Bottom Line

This "longevity game" took about 2 minutes to play. My test volunteer scored a longevity of 90. The site has fun graphics that pop up as you enter each question. Some of the responses lacked detail and were too limited to capture the real situation. Overall, a fun site but not enough detail to be useful. This site was put up by the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.


  • Fun graphics illustrate responses.
  • Very quick.
  • Don't need to give an e-mail address.


  • Report gives little follow-up information.
  • Response options were not detailed enough.
  • Cute, but not very helpful.


  • Each answer changes a picture of a person (man or woman) according to the response.
  • Predicted life expectancy changes with each response so you can see how important each behavior is for your longevity.
  • No concrete recommendations were given to our test person, just a generic "you are doing great" statement.

Guide Review - The Longevity Game from NMFN

This "longevity game" provides a fast and visual way of understanding how different lifestyle choices impact longevity. As a longevity calculator, it gave our test person a life expectancy of 90 - the highest of any of the calculators we tested.

The test itself was very quick, but some of the questions were unclear. Questions generally only gave three responses and the truth was somewhere in between, forcing the user to pick the closest answer. It was very fun to watch how the graphics change with each answer.

A good website to visually understand the impact of each behavior on longevity - but not very detailed in explanation or questions. More of a toy than a potentially accurate longevity calculator. There are a few suggestions that pop up at bottom (below the numbers) but you have to mouse over them.

Play the "longevity game" for fun, but look elsewhere for concrete ideas about increasing your longevity.

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