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The RealAge Test Review

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Updated June 23, 2008

The Bottom Line

The RealAge test is the most comprehensive longevity calculator I have found. The questions dig deep into your health and medical history. Our test user took 20 minutes to complete the RealAge test and was given an "age" 11.7 years younger than actual age (which translates into 78 + 11.7 for life expectancy, or 89.7 years). This test asked the most questions and got the most detailed information.


  • Most comprehensive test available.
  • Asks detailed questions about health status and conditions.
  • Provides good feedback and resources.


  • Requires e-mail for registration.
  • Longest longevity test/calculator we tried.
  • Lots of marketing of RealAge.


  • A 20-minute longevity calculator to determine your biological or "RealAge."
  • Gives practical and helpful suggestions and information.
  • Requires e-mail address and free membership to RealAge. Expect newsletters and other e-mails.

Guide Review - The RealAge Test Review

The RealAge test is one of the oldest and best longevity calculators. In our test, our test user scored a reduction in age of 11.7 years. This felt pretty good. The recommendations given were sound and had just the right amount of detail. The RealAge site has lots of support and even a "community" to join to help work on changes and find more information.

In order to take the test, you have to give RealAge your e-mail. They will send you newsletters and other information. While taking the test, be sure you have time to concentrate on the questions -- some are complicated. You'll also need some information to get an accurate score. Get the following information before you take the test -- your cholesterol, your blood pressure, and your vitamins (they asked for specific doses of select nutrients).

After taking the test (which takes about 20 minutes), you will have to wait for an e-mail while your longevity test is being scored. This took about 40 minutes (Hint: You can just log in and you will probably see your results sooner).

Once you see your results, RealAge will generate a "plan" for you that goes through each section of the longevity calculator and gives some tips and ideas for improvement.

Overall, this is a great test if you are careful and have enough information. Sometimes the site was slow in going to the next section of the test. The explanations in the results section were clear and concise. Definitely one of the best longevity calculators out there.

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