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Top 10 Books on Longevity and Healthy Aging


Updated June 15, 2007

More and more books are coming out on longevity and health aging. Some of these books have great information and ideas, and others are just trying to sell you something. When looking at a book, be sure the author is credible and that the suggestions are healthy. Be cautious about supplements. And remember - the best way to stay healthy is to exercise, eat a good diet, and have a positive attitude.

1. The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD

The China Study is one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of nutrition and health ever conducted. In this book, T. Colin Campbell, the author and lead researcher, reviews the findings of the China Study and other research and concludes that diet can prevent and reverse chronic illnesses, including diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular conditions.

2. Healthy Aging by Andrew Weil, MD

In his earlier books, Dr. Weil set out to change how we think about healing and medicine. In Healthy Aging, he wants to change how we think about aging and longevity. Instead of focusing on ways to extend life expectancy, Dr. Weil chooses to focus on increasing the number of healthy, happy years by preventing chronic illness and maintaining well-being.

3. Aging With Grace: The Nun Study by David Snowdon, MD

Aging With Grace reviews a study that began in 1986 and continues today. The author, epidemiologist David Snowdon, follows the lives of 678 nuns while surveying them on health-related behaviors and practices.

4. The RealAge Makeover by Michael Roizen, MD

Michael Roizen wrote this revision of his RealAge approach, which focuses on changes you can make to increase your youth. Included is a RealAge self-test and hundreds of pages of information and advice about supplements, behaviors and other factors that influence aging.

5. The Longevity Bible by Gary Small, MD

The Longevity Bible breaks healthy aging into eight essential strategies. These strategies include the expected -- nutrition and exercise -- as well as more unusual ideas, such as having a positive attitude and staying mentally fit. The Longevity Bible is a good source of information for a balanced approach to aging.

6. Healthy at 100: Secrets of the World’s Longest-Lived Peoples by John Robbins

Healthy at 100 looks at traditional cultures with a history of long-lived people to better understand longevity and healthy aging. John Robbins reviews the existing information about these cultures and presents it in an easy-to-read format.

7. Count Down Your Age by Frederic J. Vagnini, MD and David Bunnell

Count Down Your Age presents a comprehensive plan for healthy aging. By combining advice about nutrition and exercise with social and mental health tips, Count Down Your Age succeeds at giving the reader a wide range of interesting information and suggestions.

8. Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of Ways to Live to Be 100 by Maoshing Ni, OMD

Secrets of Longevity combines Western knowledge with Eastern wisdom to give the reader hundreds of suggestions of things you can do in order to live a longer and happier life. Dr. Maoshing Ni presents these tips in a quick, easy-to-read format.

9. Gary Null’s Power Aging by Gary Null, PhD

Gary Null has been promoting healthy lifestyle and nutrition for decades. This new book, Power Aging, presents a healthy aging program and discusses some of the factors that contribute to aging.

10. The Longevity Diet by Brian M. Delaney and Lisa Walford

The Longevity Diet uses calorie restriction to increase life expectancy. While the long-term effects of this diet are unknown, calorie restriction is the only proven way to extend life in animals. The effects in humans are still controversial.

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