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Longevity Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Updated April 08, 2008

Flowers are good, but Mom really needs some help staying young and healthy. This year find gift ideas for Mother's Day that help with longevity and anti-aging. Help Mom to relax, eat better, exercise more and get the testing she needs. What better way to show your love than to help Mom stay healthy?

A Brain Game

Puzzles - Brain Training
Digital Vision / Getty Images
Help Mom keep her brain sharp over the years with these great brain games. From hand-held electronic games to old-fashioned paper-and-pencil crosswords, there are games for every Mom to play. While she's playing, she'll be giving her brain a work out and helping to prevent dementia and other age-related mental problems. Give Mom the gift of mental fitness this year.

You: Staying Young

You Staying Young by Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz
This is a great book (possible the best) on healthy aging and staying young. Get it for Mom this year. You'll have to be tactful in how you present it (don't want to imply that Mom is getting old), but the book is worth every penny. Mom will find tons of tips and ideas for staying young all presented in a readable but not dumbed-down format. Mom will love it and (if she starts with the tips and programs) she'll start feeling younger every day. What gift could be better?

A Tea Set

Green Tea
Akira Kaede / Getty Images
Green tea is one of the best drinks on the planet, it will give Mom all sorts of antioxidants and nutrients to keep her young. Buy her some high-end green tea and a nice tea set. You can find everything from automatic tea makers to Japanese iron pots. Pick just the right one for your mom and add in a supply of the best green tea you can find.

A Screening Outing

Talking with Doctors
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It is no fun to go get screenings, especially if you have to go alone and drive yourself. Make it easier this year on Mom to get all the cancer and other screenings she needs - give her a screening outing. Promise to drive her to her screenings, sit with her in the waiting room, help her understand what the doctor says and then take her out to lunch. Become her "screening buddy" and help her protect her health as she ages. Sure, it's not the most normal of gifts, but trust me, it is one that will be very appreciated.

A White Noise Machine

White Noise Machine
Mom needs her rest. As people get older, they tend to find it harder and harder to get a good night's sleep. Part of the reason is that medications or health conditions (like hypertension) work to prevent a good, deep sleep. That means noises in the night can wake Mom up easier. Help her out with a white noise machine. These machines produce a gentle static-like noise that masks all other noises. Mom can also try CDs of white noise, turning on a fan or even a small indoor fountain. Help her sleep better and feel better this year.

Pay Her Fees

Happy Older Woman Exercising
Andersen Ross / Getty Images
Exercise is an important part of healthy aging. Give Mom a gift this year that will inspire her into being more active. One of the best ways to get involved in exercise is to find a way to make exercise social. Sign up Mom (and yourself) for a charity walk. Pay her fees for a local exercise class. Or (better yet) become Mom's exercise buddy one day a week. Show your love by helping her get more active.

Dark Chocolate

Photodisc / Getty Images
The best news of the past fews years is that chocolate is good for you. This is fantastic. A small piece of dark chocolate a day helps provide a person with nutrients (like flavonoids) that help fight aging. This year treat Mom to the best dark chocolate you can find. Don't spare any expense, but make sure to avoid milk chocolate, white chocolate and things with creamy fillings. Go for 65% dark chocolate or higher (and make sure mom doesn't eat more than 1 square a day - chocolate calories still count).

The Stress Eraser

Stress Eraser
Mom might be feeling a little stressed these days and (let's face it) the kids are probably part of the problem. Help her learn to manage her stress with the stress eraser. This device helps to train Mom on how to coordinate breathing with her heart rhythms to achieve a state of deep relaxation. Just 15 minutes of training a day and she'll be mellow as a monk.

A Good Story to Share

Women Gossiping
Photodisc / Getty Images
Telling a good story is a real brain workout. Moms love nothing more than telling stories about their children. Give your Mom the gift of good stories this year. Vow to not hold back the details and tell your mom what is happening in your life. Include good adjectives, descriptions and plot twists. Think of your phone calls with her (you do call, don't you?) as a chance to present you best story of the week. This will help you and Mom feel closer and give her some good things to repeat to her friends.

Vegetable Subscription

Photo: Digital Vision / Getty Images
Sure, it sounds weird - but vegetable subscriptions are a great idea. A local farm will package vegetables weekly or monthly and deliver them to Mom's door or to a nearby farmers' market. Mom will be getting the freshest local produce in the city. The foods she makes with these vegetables will be delicious and will also have higher concentrations of healthy nutrients. Mom will eat healthier, eat better and live longer.
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