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Longevity Tools - Newsletter, E-Course, Calculators and More

Longevity tools will help you increase your life expectancy and age well. These tools are newsletter, e-courses, longevity calculators and more. Use them to find ways to increase your longevity.

Top No-Cost Employee Health Resources
Employee health can take a leap forward at the workplace. Improved employee health benefits both the employees and the employers (though lower health care costs). With limited budgets, you can still get a lot of great information out to your employees. Use these no-cost resources to improve your employee health and wellness programs through electronic newsletters and e-courses. Just sign yourself…

Age Yourself in Photos
Ever wondered what you'll look like in the future? Find out today with age-progression technology you can easily use online or in apps.

Set Breaks and Time Limts to Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
RSI (repetitive stress injury) and carpal tunnel syndrome come from the overuse of your wrists and hands at the computer. This week focus on taking the right number of breaks and setting time limits to prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Kill Your Mouse - Use Keyboard Shortcuts
Repetitive stress injury (RSI) can be prevented with a variety of practices, such as taking breaks and using keyboard shortcuts. By using the mouse less, you prevent your wrist from thousands of micro-motions every day. Learn keyboard shortcuts to lower your risk of RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Type Right - Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome By Typing Right
Preventing RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome involves relearning how to make certain keystrokes on the keyboard. If you contort your hands when trying to type, you are putting stress on your hands and wrists. This week, prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome by relearning how to type and focusing on your typing skills.

Stretch Your Wrists to Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Repetitive stress injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome can injure your wrists. Your wrists have to deliver an incredible performance day after day at the computer. Simple stretching exercises can help prevent wrist injury. This week, three times a day, practice these simple stretches for your wrists. It just takes minutes and can help prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
RSI (repetitive stress injury) and carpal tunnel syndrome can be directly linked to computer usage. If you type too much or the wrong way, your risk of RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome increases. This four-week program will help you learn the skills for healthier computer usage.

Health Monday and About.com
About.com is proud participant of Healthy Monday, a national public health campaign aimed at helping Americans initiate and maintain sustainable health behaviors to reduce risk factors associated with the leading causes of preventable disease and mortality. Healthy Monday is a project of Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

Top Longevity Calculators and Longevity Tests - Review
There are a lot of longevity calculators out there. I decided to do a systematic test. I found a willing friend and had him use a few longevity calculators. We made a note of his life expectancy, the experience of the test and what recommendations were given. Overall, results varied from my friend's life expectancy being 84 to 96.2 (he liked that one best). These tests are based on real numbers, …

Anti-Aging and Staying Young E-Course
The Anti-Aging and Staying Young e-course will provide you with 8-weekly e-mails that contain links to various longevity and healthy aging topics. Each week, try two habits out, and by the end of the 8-week course, you would have increased your chances of a long, healthy life.

The Longevity Newsletter - Weekly Updates in Your InBox
The Longevity newsletter will give you weekly updates on the latest news, articles and more on longevity. The Longevity newsletter is free and will come into your inbox with links to the current news and articles about longevity, healthy aging and living longer.

The Longevity Forum - Share, Discuss and Ask
The Longevity Forum is your place at longevity.about.com to post your thoughts, share ideas and asks questions about anything related to longevity, life expectancy, healthy aging and more. Use this as your community to work toward greater longevity.

Best Ways To Spend a Year - Readers Respond
What is the best way to use the 365 days coming to you over the next year? What kind of resolutions, self-improvement tasks can you do that will leave you better off 365 days from now? Share your ideas and hear from others.

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