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Longevity, Mental Fitness and Brain Aging

Crossword puzzles, memory games and fish oil all help maintain mental fitness. We can stay sharp until very old age by making it a daily practice to use our minds and develop our mental abilities.
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Depression and Aging: Warning Signs
Depression and aging are, unfortunately, linked. Anyone with a senior in their lives (and any seniors, for that matter) should know the warning signs of depression and have some ideas what to do about depression.

Meditation and Longevity
Meditation has been shown to benefit the brain by improving focus, and reducing stress. But research is showing that longevity may also get a boost, at least in patients with elevated blood pressure. See what the science says.

Top Brain Fitness Skills
When it comes to brain fitness, there are a lot of products, websites and books making claims to be able to improve your brain fitness. My main question is "What are the components of good brain fitness games? What skills should the games cove…

Your Reasons to Smile
What are your top reasons to smile? What puts a smile on your face. Share your reasons to smile and put a smile on someone else's face too.

Top Brain Fitness Ideas
What are your top brain fitness ideas? Share them with the world. Put down your favorite brain fitness activity and read what others have to say about brain fitness.

The Brain Fitness Industry
Brain fitness is quickly becoming major business. As people age, there is more and more interest in brain fitness and keeping the brain healthy. Learn how brain fitness is growing and find good sources for brain fitness games, websites and other ideas.

Coffee Helps Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
A simple cup of coffee may be a help in preventing dementia and Alzheimer's disease. That's right, your daily dose of coffee could (in the long run) help protect your aging brain against dementia and Alzheimer's disease. So drink your daily coffee with knowledge that it is good for your health.

Brain Games for Brain Fitness
Brain games are an important part of brain fitness. By improving your brain fitness through games, brain nutrition and other factors, you'll help slow brain aging and may even lower your risk for dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Learn about brain games and brain fitness today.

Tell Good Stories to Strengthen Relationships and Exercise Your Brain
Stories and storytelling are a basic part of being human. We live and breathe stories. Every television show, every movie, and every book tells a story. Anything told as a story is more compelling, more interesting, and more memorable. So hone your storytelling skills.

Lower Cholesterol Could Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
Alzheimer's disease and dementia have been linked to higher cholesterol levels in mid-life. By lowering your cholesterol level, you can help to reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Learn 3 easy ways to reduce your cholesterol

Preventing Cognitive Impairment
Cognitive impairment can be prevented is risk factors are addressed. Men and women, it turns out, have different risk factors for cognitive impairment. Learn what you can do to lower your risk of age-related cognitive impairment.

Is Your Brain Connected to Your Belly?
Alzheimer's disease prevention centers around reduces risk factors known to be linked to Alzheimer's disease and dementia. One of these risk factors is having a big belly in mid-life. People with big bellies are almost 3 times as likely to develop dementia as those with small bellies.

Chinese Club Moss For Alzheimer's Disease Treatment
Chinese club moss contains a substance, called Huperzine A, that may help treat Alzheimer's disease. The problem is that there just hasn't been that much research into the impact of Chinese club moss on dementia and Alzheimer's disease. There is so indication that, with more research, Huperzine A may be a viable treatment for Alzheimer's

Happiness is Made Of . . .
Happiness is something everyone wants, but not everyone gets. Researchers study people who say they are happy to learn what they do different. Turns out TV is one of the biggest things. The less TV you watch, the more likely to be happy you are. So turn off your TV and get happier.

Ginkgo Biloba - A Bust for Alzheimer's and Dementia Prevention
Ginkgo biloba has long been thought to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease. A new study shows that ginkgo biloba does not prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease. This study has 3,100 participants for over 6 years give ginkgo biloba a try and there was no impact on their rates of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Aging - The Secret to Happiness
Aging and happiness are linked, and the good news is that the older you are, the greater your chance at happiness. Older people, in general, are happier than younger people, and individuals tend to get happier as they age. Perhaps this is nature's way of compensating for aging.

Diabetes and Memory May Be Linked Through food
Memory and type II diabetes may be linked through the types of foods eaten. High-fat and high-carbohydrate meals impacts a diabetic's memory and brain function. Avoiding these foods may prevent long-term memory problems in people with diabetes and taking certain vitamins and antioxidants may help.

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked With Depression
Vitamin D deficiency is common in older adults and has been linked to depression, poor bone health, heart attacks and more. Vitamin D is quickly becoming the “hot” vitamin of interest. Learn how vitamin D deficiency and depression interact.

Mental Health as Anti-Aging Technique
Mental health can be a great anti-aging technique. Seniors who had a strong, positive sense of meaning in their lives had less age-related disability than those without this mental health factor.

MyBrainTrainer.com Review
MyBrainTrainer.com is an online mental fitness and brain training tool that has a wide range of options and reports for users. The site offers games, puzzles, tests and other activities that they claim will improve your brain functioning.

Lumosity Brain Training Website
Lumosity is one of the most develop brain training and mental fitness websites around. Log in for a 7-day free trial and check out the features and ideas. You'll find yourself challenging your brain and getting better at your scores along the way. Most important, these are fun brain training and mental fitness games, tests and activities.

Brain Age 2 Review: Brain Training Fun
Brain Age 2 is a brain training and mental fitness system for the Nintendo DS system. It puts forth a huge number of games to hone your concentration, memory, calculation and other brain skills. Use Brain Age 2 to keep your brain sharp every day.

Brain Aging and Blood Pressure
Your brain will stay young longer if your blood pressure is under control. High blood pressure (hypertension) is linked to poorer brain aging. People with higher blood pressure had more cognitive problems as they aged. Keep your blood pressure healthy for your brain and for your heart.

Alcohol and Brain Aging
Alcohol (in moderate amounts) is good for your health. We’ve known for a long time that alcohol protects your heart. Alcohol also protects your brain by slowing brain aging. So have a glass or two of wine, a beer or a drink –- for your heart and your brain.

Statins May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Statins drugs, widely prescribed for their cholesterol lowering benefits, may protect the brain as well as the heart.

Think Positive About Aging and Live Longer
Having a positive attitude about aging can add 7.5 years to your life. So, think about what gets better as you get older, take action to maintain your health and look forward to adding on the years.

Ways To Improve Your Mental Fitness and Make Your Brain Age Younger
Mental fitness and brain aging are complex areas just beginning to get research. What we do know is that 'use it or lose it' applies to the brain as much as to the body. Challenge your brain through these ideas for mental exercise.

Keys to Successful Brain Training for Healthy Brain Aging and Mental Fitness
Brain training is a new trend in mental fitness. The idea is to formally undergo a program to improve brain skills. There are books, websites and courses available to train your brain to remember more and work faster. All of these brain programs involve three basic concepts: memory, visualization and reasoning.

Ideas for New Reading Material for Brain Health and Mental Fitness
Mental fitness is all about making your brain find new connections between things and thinking about the world in a different way. Reading is one of the best ways to sink deep into an unfamiliar world by giving your brain a workout.

Learn a New Skill for Brain Health and Mental Fitness
Learning a new skill can give the brain a total work out, from learning new physical movements to memorizing instructions. Pick a skill and start learning. You and your brain will benefit from the experience.

Meditate for Brain Health, Mental Fitness and Energy
Meditation is a mind/body state that brings benefits for healing, stress reduction, and even longevity. By investing 20 minutes a day in meditation, your life will probably improve through this daily time-out that gives you calmness and perspective.

Websites and Games for Brain Exercise
From Sudoku to handheld games, people young and old alike have been looking for ways to improve their mental functioning and prevent brain aging. This list has ten of the best games and websites to improve your mental fitness.

Simple Tricks To Exercise Your Brain
When it comes to brains, use it or lose it really applies. Studies have shown that the more you use different functions of your brain, the less likely you will suffer from dementia and other mental health problems as you age. Use these simple tricks to give your brain a daily workout.

How To Improve Your Mental Fitness
Aging does not have to mean the loss of mental function. As we age, our brains become exposed to damage from our diets and other behaviors. By eating right, staying active and using our mental functions, we can stay sharp to 100 and beyond.

Can Folic Acid Improve Longevity?
Folic acid is a form of Vitamin B which is obtained from leafy green vegetables. It is an essential ingredient for cell growth and division. It is thought that a diet high in folic acid may prevent cancer and prevent mental deterioration with aging. It may also be called folate or Vitamin B9. Folic acid has been shown to reduce levels of homocysteine, thereby decreasing heart attack risk.

How Do Fish Oils Help Longevity?
Fish oils are a major source of age increasing omega-3 fatty acids. These help everything from cardiovascular health to brain protection.

Is Dementia Inevitable with Aging?
Dementia seems a common consequence of aging, but it doesn't have to be. Through a healthy, active lifestyle you can lower your risk of mental problems as you age.

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