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How much red wine does it really take to slow aging? What can we really tell from studies in worms? How do we know that transfats are bad for us? Are there anti-aging medicines? Get to-the-point information on the latest in longevity science
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What is Calorie Restriction for Longevity?
In research on a variety of species, reducing calories has been proven to enhance longevity and help ward off disease. But how much calorie restriction are we talking about?

Calorie Restriction Research: The CALERIE Study
The CALERIE research project on calorie restriction - funded by the US National Institute on Aging - aims to find out if restricting food intake can help prevent disease in humans.

Launching a Longitudinal Study
Launching a long-term longitudinal study on aging requires huge resources in time and money. Find out how scientists behind the 20-year Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging are putting the project in place.

What is a prospective study on aging?
Researchers use a variety of methods to study how we age: what is a prospective study on aging?

Your Top Medical and Health Breakthroughs of the Decade
The past decade had a great variety of medical and health breakthroughs. What do you think is the most important? Give your thoughts on the medical breakthroughs of the decade here.

Longitudinal Studies
Longitudinal studies are very valuable in longevity research, because they provide information about what behaviors or characteristics are associated with disease development and mortality.

Can Suspended Animation Extend Life?
Suspended animation has long been located in the "science fiction" realm of medicine. The basic idea in suspended animation is that we can keep someone alive, but in deep hibernation. This suspended animation state allows time to pass without aging. Can suspended animation really extend life though? Or is it science fiction?

Can Aging Be Stopped?
Aging is something we would all like to stop. There are people out there who believe that aging can be stopped, or at least slowed considerably. These people explore the field of life extension. Some believe aging can be slowed to a point that we might live 1000 years ( or more). Are these folks crazy or are their ideas on aging revolutionary?

Longevity and Anti-Aging Vitamins and Supplements from Readers
Longevity supplements are advertised in magazines and promise to add years to your life. read here what longevity and anti-aging supplements readers have tried or share your own experience.

Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to mortality, heart attacks, aging and more. Should you take vitamin D supplements? Is sunshine enough? What does vitamin D deficiency mean and do you have vitamin D deficiency?

Most Popular Anti-Aging Hormone Supplements
Anti-aging hormones are becoming an increasingly popular way of reducing the effects of aging. Learn more about the 5 most popular anti-aging hormones: DHEA, HGH (human growth hormones), melatonin, estrogen and testosterone. Learn whether the calims behind these anti-aging supplements are real or just hype.

Does Calorie Restriction Work in Humans?
Calorie restriction is the one proven way to increase maximum life span in primates and rodents. In Okinawa, the longest lived group of people practice a form of calorie restriction. This study examines the impact of calorie restriction on human life expectancy and longevity.

Can Testosterone Slow Aging?
Testosterone is being prescribed by so-called "anti-aging" doctors to slow the aging process in men. While testosterone supplementation can help men with specific medical conditions, there is little evidence of it slowing the aging process in healthy men. Read more about this new approach to anti-aging that is unlikely to work.

Why We Age -- Theories and Effects of Aging
Aging is a complex process that researchers are only now beginning to understand. There are many theories of aging and many descriptions of what aging does to our bodies. The reality is that all of these processes interact in a complex way. By understanding aging theories and why we age, we can better take action to age in a healthy way and live longer.

Human Growth Hormone and Aging
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is becoming increasingly popular as an anti-aging supplement despite the fact that there is very little evidence that HGH works. Read more about HGH, aging,side effects, cost and muscle mass.

Selenium, Cancer and Longevity
Selenium has been linked to decreases in death from cancer -- but it turns out that too much of a good thing can actually be harmful. When blood selenium levels are near (but not over) 130 ng/ml, there is benefit; too much and there is a link to increased cancer.

Measuring Successful Aging - DNA and Lifestlye
If you exercise, the health of your DNA improves. Lifestyle gets deep into your body. Researchers are developing ways of looking at your body that will tell how quickly you are aging. The good news? If you keep a healthier lifestyle, your rate of aging can slow down.

Testosterone Overrated for Healthy Aging
Testosterone supplementation has been hyped as an anti-aging solution, but little research had been done. Now research has shown that testosterone supplements have only a limited impact on age-related symptoms.

Hydrogen Sulfide and Longevity
Longevity can be increased in worms and mice using hydrogen sulfide. This creates a cellular and metabolic hibernation which can increase life span by 70%. In humans, someday this technique might be used to "buy time" for critically ill patients.

SENS – Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence
Aubrey de Grey is a researcher and thinker on aging. He has proposed a research agenda for discovering how to minimize the deterioration of the body over time (senescence). There seven steps include using exercise to help repair cells, searching for new enzymes and gene therapy.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Adds Years of Life
Gastric bypass surgery can help obese people to reduce their risk of death by 40%. Bariatric and other weight loss surgeries can help people loss weight, but new research proves the health benefit of this weight loss. Learn more about how gastric bypass surgery and other types of bariatric surgery can prevent chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease through weight loss.

Estrogen and Aging
Estrogen was once widely prescribed to treat the symptoms of menopause as well as help prevent age-related conditions. Now, more research has been done, and the prescription of estrogen as part of hormone replacement or menopausal hormone replacement therapy is more controversial than ever.

Does DHEA Slow Aging?
DHEA supplements have been said to slow aging, promote muscle and bone growth, burn fat, and make you younger. It all sounds great, but unfortunately the evidence on the effect of DHEA just doesn't exist. DHEA is unlikely to be the miracle anti-aging supplement that slows aging and increases longevity.

Life Extension: Fiction or Fact?
Life extension seeks to increase the number of years that humans can live. So far, we can only increase individual life expectancy through preventing illness and disease. No technology exists that can help people live beyond the life span of humans - though there are many theories about how we might achieve this.

Understanding Heart Aging and Reversing Heart Disease
As you get older, so does your heart. For the most part, the heart can adjust to changes in our arteries that occur with age. But by improving the health of our arteries, we have a chance to prevent and even reverse heart disease.

What is Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease?
Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases are a group of disease that occur in the lower lungs. These diseases are grouped together for epidemiological tracking and can have different causes and severities.

10 Ways to Manage your Medical Information and Avoid Mistakes
Having your medical information organized and having a system to communicate with doctors and nurses can prevent mistakes, delays and frustrations.

Congenital is word used to describe a health condition that is present at birth.

Septicemia is a rare, but serious, infection of the blood that is one of the top ten causes of mortality in older adults.

Supercentenarians are people who have lived at least 110 years. There are less than a thousand proven supercentenarians

What are Observational Studies?
Observational research is useful in the study of aging because it helps researchers determine which lifestyle or personality factors are correlated with the development of certain diseases.

Where Did the "Compression of Morbidity" Concept Come From?
Compression of morbidity is a concept that's helped shape anti-aging science since the 1980s. Where did this idea come from, and what does it suggest about a longevity lifestyle?

What is Expansion of Morbidity?
The term "expansion of morbidity" is a theory among scientists who research the aging process. What exactly does expansion of morbidity mean?

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