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Sex, Healthy Aging and Longevity - Sex as Men and Women Get Older

Sex is an important part of life. As our bodies age, sex can become a challenge. Learn about erectile dysfunction, vaginal drying and other changes that happen in our bodies as we age. Learn how sex can increase longevity and life expectancy.

Does Sex Get Better With Aging?
Could sex actually improve with aging? Could sex be one of the things that gets better as we get older? Turns out that surveys show that some older people state that they have less sexually inhibitions and even enjoy sex more after age 50.

Penis Spray Treats Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is a common problem in men. Treatments for premature ejaculation have not been widely successful. A trial of a specially formulated penis spray has been successful in increasing time to ejaculation without reducing the sensation of ejaculation.

Sex Tips for the Older Man - From Users
Sex tips for the older man from users. Read about what others readers have tried and found useful to prevent sexual problems (like erectile dysfunction) that are linked with aging. Share your own tip or learn from the experience of others about how to undo the impact of aging on your sex life.

User Sex Tips for Women
Sex tips for the older woman submitted by users. Read what users have to say about sex tips and aging. Find suggestions and ideas for staying young, staying sexy and having an active sex life as you age.

Seniors Underestimate Sex Risk
Seniors are having more sex, and more unsafe sex, than ever. As the population ages and treatments for age-related sexual problems become common, the infection risk in senior sex acts gets higher. Most seniors don't seem to understand the risks. Even seniors need to use common sense and safer sex to protect themselves and others from infection.

Testosterone Therapy - Can Testosterone Therapy Help With Antiaging
The sex hormone testosterone has been promoted by some practitioners as a kind of antiaging, cure-all treatment -- for men and women -- that can increase sex drive, lean muscle mass, energy levels and mental acuity. But how effective is testosterone therapy at achieving these benefits, and what are the long-term risks?

Low Libido And Menopause Linked
Libido is determined by both physiological and psychological factors. Menopause can significantly lower the libido, especially surgical libido. Learn how aging and menopause can create low libido in women.

More Sex for Older Adults
Sex is changing for older adults. Over the past few decades, we've seen large increases in the amount of sex that older adults are having. This is a good things. More and more older adults are engaging in active, fulfilling sex lives.

More Sex for Less Erectile Dysfunction
More sex protects men from erectile dysfunction. As men age, erectile dysfunction becomes a real problem. More sex reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. In fact, men who have sex 3 or more times a week have 4 times less risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Yohimbe and Male Impotence - Can Yohimbe Enhance Performance?
Yohimbe bark extract is a popular supplement for treating erectile dysfunction, impotence, and other sexual problems. Evidence about the effectiveness of these treatments is scarce. Read more about yohimbe, male sexual problems, and aging.

Changes in Women's Sex Life Due to Aging
As women age, their bodies change. The most obvious change is menopause. As estrogen decreases with age, changes in the body can impact sexual function. Most of these changes can be addressed, and women can have an active sex life into their eighties, nineties and beyond.

Changes in Men's Sex Life Due to Aging
New medications, attitudes and interest has changed the concept of sexuality in later life. Older people are now more open about the continued need for intimacy throughout life. Health conditions, the realities of aging and emotions can all stand in the way of an active sex life in later years. The good news is that many of these obstacles can be addressed with medications, behavior change approaches and other solutions.

Sex Tips for the Older Woman
Sex changes with age. By learning to make adjustments, women can assure a healthy sex life throughout their lives. Simple changes, tips and advice can help women stay sexually satisfied.

Sex Tips for the Older Man
Sex changes as men age. Testosterone levels and other factors impact sexual performance. Through problem solving, medications and/or healthy living, men can protect their sexual health throughout their entire lives. This list will give you some tips and ideas for a long, healthy sex life.

Sex and Older Americans
There is little research into the sex lives of older people. As Viagra and other drugs become more and more popular, researchers have begun asking questions about sexual frequency, satisfaction and problems.

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