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People With Longer Life Expectancy

What are people who live longest doing? What are there habits, lifestyles and choices. Find out who lives longest and why?
  1. Secrets of Longevity (15)

Resolve to Live Longer and Well
Find out which one resolution may be most effective in helping you live longer.

Top Life Expectancy Achievements
100 years ago, your life expectancy would have been in your 40s. Instead, your life expectancy is almost 80 years. What do we owe this almost doubling of life expectancy over a short 100 years? Here is a list of ten of the greatest public health achievements that have reduced illness and extended our life expectancy. Some of them are exciting and other boring, but we should be grateful fo…

Which is Worse: Smoking or Being Obese?
Smoking is bad for you, but so is being obese -- which is worse turns out to be a difficult questions. Sure, it seems that smoking should be the champion of preventable risk factors, but obesity is looking like a threat to smoking's claim as the number cause of preventable deaths. Find out how to quit smoking and lose weight.

Older Men Can Gain 2.5 Years
Increase exercise in middle age can increase life expectancy. That's right, it's never too late to get healthier and exercise. Research shows that men in their 50s who increase their activity gain up to 2.5 years of additional life. Get out and exercise for more healthy years!

Is Aging Different for Men and Women?
Aging can be different for men and women. Not only is life expectancy for men and women difference, but aging itself may be very different. Aging involves more than just how long someone lives, it includes chronic illness, mobility and other considerations. Find out how men and women differ in aging.

Life Expectancy Closing Between Men and Women
Life expectancy has always been different between men and women, with women living more than 4 years longer, on average. that gaps appears to be closing. Life expectancy, by 2035, may well be the same between men and women because of changes in high risk professions, smoking and other factors.

Redefing Accepting Your Age - by Bill Siemering
Successful aging involves more than just avoiding illness. Successful aging involves finding meaning in your life. This essay, by Bill Siemering, redefines what it means to accept your age.

Profiles of the World's Oldest People
The world’s oldest people make up an interesting club. These are people who have made it to 100 or beyond and have a lot to tell us about life, longevity and healthy aging. I especially like learning about the history their lives have covered. Here are a few profiles of the world’s oldest peop

Being Married Improves Life Expectancy
Marriage and life expectancy have been linked for a long time. But now, marriage is getting very complicated and it is difficult to find the link between marriage, health and life expectancy. How does being married or single impact your life expectancy?

Life Expectancy Higher in Organized, Dependable People
Life expectancy can be impacted by personality traits like being organized, conscientious or industrious. Life expectancy is not just genetics, but depends on the personality of each individual. Certain personality traits like organization lead to longer life expectancies.

Winners Live Longer
Winners of the Nobel Prize live longer than nominees. It seems like the act of winning a Nobel Prize increases longevity and life expectancy by 1.5 years. This increase is due to (possibly) to perceiving oneself as higher status than one’s peers.

Minnesotans Live Longer
Minnesotans have a higher life expectancy than they should, if you go by averages. Researchers looking at 35 years of mortality data found that some counties in Minnesota and the Upper Great Plains have higher longevity than expected. Unfortunately, we don't know why Minnesotans have one of the highest life expectancies in the United States.

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?
The life expectancy of women is typically 4 to 5 years longer than that of men in every country and population group in the world. There is no good explanation for longer female longevity. It could be that menstruation has an exercise-like effect on the heart that protects against heart attacks and cardiac problems.

Successful Aging: Black and White?
Blacks in the United States have shorter life expectancies than white. We also know that having a positive perception of aging can extend life by up to 7.5 years. Do blacks and white perceive their own health the same as they age? Could culture and the culture of aging play a role in life expectancy? Read about a study that examines perception of health and aging for blacks and whites.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Heart Attack Risk
Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to increased risk for heart attacks. Vitamin D is being more and more recognized as essential to healthy aging and longevity. If you have vitamin D deficiency, then you risk for heart attacks may be increased. Find out about vitamin D deficiency, heart attacks and supplementation.

Live to 90
Smoking, exercise, blood pressure, diabetes and healthy weight are linked to greater life expectancy and longevity in men. Men who lived to 90 years old all had a greater chance if they didn't smoke, have diabetes, have high blood pressure, exercised and were a healthy weight.

Education - A Longevity Secret
Education can increase life expectancy by several years according to research on aging and longevity in Denmark. People with higher levels of education had longer life expectancies. The reasons for this are unclear. Social hierarchy, health literacy, lifestyle and behaviors are all possible explanations of the education and life expectancy link.

Countries with Highest Life Expectancy
Countries with the highest life expectancy range from just above 80 years to almost 83.

Countries with the Lowest Life Expectancy
People in the countries with the lowest life expectancy live, on average, 35 years. That this number is so low represents the tremendous problems facing these nations.

Make More Money and Live Longer
The more money you make, the longer you live. Research on 5 million German men show that those with more money live years longer. This research confirms what other studies have shown about longevity and social hierarchy -- basically that the higher in the hierarchy a person is, the longer he or she lives. Rich people, Nobel prize winners and monkeys at the top of the social ladder all live longer.

Baldness and Heart Attacks
Being bald has long been thought to be linked to a higher risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Turns out that baldness is more complicated than that. The type of baldness (vertex or frontal) and the severity matters in predicting heart attack risk. Find out more about how baldness and heart health are linked.

A Snapshot of the "Oldest Old" Americans
There are over 5 million people in the US who are 85 years and older, and this group is only going to keep growing. Learn about our oldest old.

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