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Readers Respond: Top Good Things About Aging

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Updated April 26, 2009

Aging has such a bad reputation, but aging itself isn't all bad. Let's focus on some of the good things about aging. Write in and tell everyone what you like about aging, what is good about getting older and why we shouldn't focus so much on staying young.

one in a lot of things on aging

I think the best of aging is the experiences one can acquire and share with younger people. For instance, since I was 40 I began to leave a LOT OF STUPID thoughts about life, God or myself.LIFE IS JUST ONE why to waste time in nonsenses.AS COELLO says in one of his writings EVERY PERSON IS A WARRIOR OF LIGHT and the real warrior fight the battles that he must. luck.

The best thing about aging

As you mature (don't say aging... lol) physically, mentally, spiritually... life seems to fly swiftly!!! and when you reach the golden years of your life... it is the time that all the memories of the past years comes back so suddenly... but then we ought to be HAPPY, because we have something to think about... JUST LAUGH AT LIFE AND YOU WILL HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY... LIVE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME... HAHAHA
—Guest Angela

Best Thing About Aging

We no longer have to wear the masks of our youth. We can be ourselves.
—Guest Joe

One's Outlook

Heard this: "As you sow, so you shall reap"? The attitude you wear is your fountain of youth!
—Guest Garry

Peace Comes With Age

Just being able to feel at peace with myself and the world.Staying healthy is a good way to ensure a good quality of life for the long term. Life is good at fifty seven!
—Guest Linda

Gratitude about aging

What a wonderful things to be able to look at your very own existence and realize what a gift you have been given. Then the good part… looking at that life and realizing that you have been a gift to others. Those loads of laundry that you did, the meals that you cooked for your family and friends, that house you cleaned endlessly, you know that mundane daily stuff that you sometimes dreaded has actually been an act of service that made a difference in other’s lives. (Whether they realized it or not.) The wisdom acquired with aging gives us the ability to not expect gratitude from others. The ability to give the gift is in itself enough. If you happen to be surrounded by family and friends how blessed you have been. You are now able to see that every problem you have encountered with those around you has led to buckets of wisdom. That wisdom is now enabling you to live with grace and just a nod to any difficulties that arise. You know that this too shall pass. You are

Be positive by making work a Fun

Hi all, I really like the posts about Being Positive...Its truly a source of inspiration for an youngster (I am 27 - 16 with 11 yrs of experience:)) like me to read about these...based on my experience so far in my life I felt that my Happiness is more related to the Joy of making effort and achieving and also keeping a good balance between Work and life...I always felt positive whenever I made work a fun and the opposite whenever I felt it as a burden..I think you all can try this method as well...If no work perhaps you can consider taking a work and keep occupied...
—Guest Loka

Positive Attitude

I am 52 and I am on a mission to grow older with grace. I want to be healthy and happy. I agree that positive attitude has a lot to do with it. Today I bought 2 audio CDs to keep the junk out of my mind and keep it enriched with the positive. Many people believe that because they have children that they will be taken care of when they are older. I do not believe that all children will care for their parents. I do not have children and often people feel sorry for me and ask me who will take care of me when I am old. The correct answer is, ME. I plan to be vibrant and healthy. It will take all possible tools, ideas, and attitude to do this. When my life was the best, was when I committed to a positive attitude and hopefully that will help enhance my future. Penny Opines www.pennyopines.com

nearly everything

at 76 i would say that life is definetly better than when younger,physically,sexually,intellectually etc-indeed one is not so good physically but so what?who wants to compete with young men in most things anyway-however most people my age do not seem to enjoy life as a rule-they are stooped,they hobble,their bodies are a source of pain rather than pleasure,they don't laugh much,grouchy-the difference is they did not play their cards well when young,let us say life is a card game,at the start of the game you must play your cards well-i didn't and was a miserable person until i decided enough is enough,no more foolish habits,health is a priority,i never regreted my change of lifestyle-it didn't make me popular with people,true,however i see my peers now miserable,suffering many deceased,and i know i played my cards better than they did-there are many pitfalls to be avoided as one goes along through life,many are hard to perceive-one must at all times use their common sense-
—Guest samuel miller

Top Good Things About Aging

The best thing I like about aging is that it is so much better than the lternative which is being 6 feet under at an early age.
—Guest Bobbie Cummins

The best thing about aging

The best thing about aging, so far, is not having my period.
—Guest Suzanne


resveratrol will make everyone live many years. I am waiting for this to be approved from sirtris.
—Guest nancy sogoloff

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