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Readers Respond: Top Tips for Remembering Your Medications

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Updated July 31, 2009

It's easy to forget to take pills or other medication. We've all forgotten our medication at some time or another. But, many people have developed smart ways to remember to take medication. If you have a tip for remembering medications, leave it here for others to read and try. Thanks.

Remembering To Take Pills

I created a spreadsheet listing all my medicines and essential daily activities and posted it on the fridge. This way I can record the time I take the medicine (the spreadsheet already includes dates) and see if there is something I've missed. It also gives me a place to list any new symptoms/problems in case they turn out to be something to discuss with my physician.

Pillbox, all the way

At first I thought pill boxes were silly, something I didn't need. But, at the end of the day, I would have to wonder if I took my medicine or not. So, eventually, I broke down and got a pillbox. It's the greatest thing ever - I never have that moment of doubt if I took my pill or not. Fantastic. One less thing to worry about.
—Guest sara

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