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Readers Respond: List Your Top Longevity and Anti-Aging Supplements

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Updated November 02, 2008

Many people have tried lots of different vitamins and supplements to increase energy, feel younger and live longer. If you have tried some vitamins or supplements, list what you have used and what the result was here. This way we can all share and learn from each other's experience.

Choosing the Right Health Supplements

Finding the right information is crucial to overall wellness. There is so much hype and misleading facts that it is hard to know what to believe. I have found that good research is the key. One such site contains many useful Here are some more great free Health Tips that can be the beginning foundation to that search. Happy hunting and good health to all!

Staying healthy with anti-aging herbs

Some anti-aging herbs are miracle,and they can show like magic power on chronic disease.I try to search and take the traditional herbs and using every morning with my breakfast.That herb is bitter turmeric with pure honey which can prevent the high blood pressure,diabetes and stroke.Last couple of years i had migraine ,tired and dizziness but now all are released after using of that herbs.After using one year with regular dosage i become healthy and think that herb turn back the clock like young age.For some peoples the herb is hard for them and they don`t want to try again and gave up.they looked so fat with nearly 200lbs and having chronic disease not easy to reduce their body wt.Peoples who is rich or poor ,eating much or not are over wt.and still having extra pounds.Why they let their bodies to be so fat by ignoring their health?Some researchers said they`ll implant the device for sending electric signal to feel full the stomach for the obesed peoples in future.This is good news .
—Guest san san ohn

eighty years young

I have been on the breakthrough product MaxGXL for about 5 months. Resulting in increased energy - don‘t get tired, anti aging process seems to be in force - liver spots disappeared from my hands, skin becoming smooth, alertness approved, body flexibility is almost unbelievable, voice has gotten stronger - don’t sound like a 80 year young man. Check it out; www.paul-betty-kiehlmax.com.
—Guest Paul Kiehl Jr.

Anti-Aging Supplements

I started taking the Cellfood Line of vitamins, DNA RNA, Silica & the Cellfood Oxygel 8 months ago without my husbands knowledge. Today out of the blue he says to me " I don't know what you are doing different but I think you look & act younger now then you did a year or two ago... whatever you are doing don't stop!" WOW can it get any better than that? I love this stuff and can't imagine life without it. I also bought a WHOLE BODY VIBRATION machine and use it every single day. I bought it 19 days ago. It has made a huge improvement in flexability, mobility, digestion, mood, circulation, sleeping beter.... and the list goes on and on... I highly recommend both of these lines for anti-aging and I do not sell either of these I heard about them through testimonials on the internet which is why I am sharing my amazing results with the readers of this web site.

50 year old lady & happy

I love a sense of humour and I think just accepting our age and having a laugh is the key to not just having a long life but a contented and happy one. If we wanted to be anything different we would. I ride motorbikes with the Ulysses club, but I have no desire to go bungie jumping. Just be who you are and follow your own desires not other peoples.
—Guest aussieDeb

seventy year old gramma

I just stay up, watch tv, read & respond to e-mails, clean house, whatever, until I can barely crawl upstairs and usually pass out by the time I get stretched out.
—Guest grammaEM@sbcglobal.net

vitamins for longevity

As a sixty-six year old vegetarian who is prone to severe anemia, I take a vitamin B complex and an additional B12 tablet along with a high energy multivitamin every day. I have not been sick one day since starting this regimen along with walking two miles a day.

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