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New Activity Tracker, New You?


If you've resolved to sit less and move more, you may have invested in a high-tech activity tracker.  But do these devices actually motivate us to be more physically active?  Maybe, but it seems the jury is still out.

Sit Less, Move More
Healthy Aging Spotlight10

How to Avoid Acid Reflux

Reflux - with or without heartburn - is a common problem as we get older. See how you can prevent this potentially damaging disease.

3 Best Ways to Ditch Distractions While Meditating

Are distracting sounds and thoughts interfering with your meditation efforts? Here are 3 tips to help you cope with distractions when you meditate.

Reflux: A Threat to Your Voice

Reflux might be hurting more than your digestive system - here's how acid reflux can ruin your voice.

What is an Otolaryngologist?

You may be referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist - what exactly is an otolaryngologist?

5 Ways to Sound Younger

We often associate rough, soft or flat voices with older age; here are 5 ways to avoid voice problems to sound younger and more energetic.

What is Vocal Hygiene?

Good voice hygiene can help you preserve a healthy sound as you get older. What is vocal hygiene?

What is Presbyphonia?

Presbyphonia is a word used to describe the aging voice - what exactly does presbyphonia mean?

The Aging Voice

Do you sound different than you used to? Find out why voice changes happen as we age, and what we can do about them.

5 Ways Voices Change As We Age

We may think of puberty as the biggest catalyst for voice changes, but the quality, tone and pitch of our voice can shift past our 40s and 50s, too.

More Healthy Gifts for Dad

Dads can be some of the toughest people to buy for - here are some more gift ideas that are sure to keep your father healthy and living longer.

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