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Sharon Basaraba

Toast to Your Longevity (In Moderation!)

By December 31, 2012

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Red Wine

It's not just red wine that's good for your longevity / Sharon Basaraba

If you're planning to ring in the New Year with a drink, you can do so in the name of your longevity -- even if it's not red wine in your glass.  The truth is, people who drink any alcohol, in so-called light to moderate amounts, live longer than those who drink heavily, or those who don't imbibe at all.  The benefits appears to be true not just for red wine, but white wine, beer, hard liquor, and of course, the beverage of choice for New Year's... champagne!

The caveat is that threshold of consumption: about one glass per day for women, and between one and two per day, for men.  Once the amount you drink exceeds that, the negative consequences of alcohol rapidly accumulate.  Serious  consequences like greater susceptibility to heart disease and cancer, as well as accidents and relationship trouble, as well as the risk of addiction.

But drink moderately, and you might well be around for many New Years to come.  Enjoy!

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