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Sharon Basaraba

A "Magic" Ingredient for Weight Loss

By May 22, 2013

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What if you could wave a magic wand, or find a single ingredient, that could help you avoid the dreaded middle-aged spread as you age?  Believe it or not, boosting one component in your daily diet has been proven in research to help people shed pounds, and reach a healthy weight, without feeling deprived or hungry.

What's this "magic" ingredient?  Water! While drinking water has been shown to have little impact on satiety (that is, how satisfied you feel after consuming it) eating water-rich foods can slow down the rate of digestion and delay feelings of hunger.  Barbara Rolls, nutrition researcher and professor at Pennsylvania State University, was an early proponent of this approach back in the 1990s and has written extensively about it in her series of Volumetrics diet books.

Why does eating foods with a high water content boost weight loss?  Rolls says there's new evidence suggesting that water in food is metabolized differently than water consumed as a beverage.  Even better, she notes - aiming for foods that contain a lot of water generally leads you to foods that will boost your longevity and health in general, such as fruits, vegetables, and other minimally-processed items.  Best of all?  You can satisfy yourself with ample portions!

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