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Sharon Basaraba

Sharon Basaraba

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Sharon Basaraba

Sharon Basaraba, Longevity Guide

About.com's Healthy Aging and Longevity expert Sharon Basaraba spent almost twenty years reporting and producing on medical issues and wellness on regional and national television in Canada. She has a production company based in Calgary, Alberta.


As an award-winning documentary reporter, producer, and anchor, Sharon’s assignments included hosting a national medical news program on CBC Newsworld, Canada’s version of CNN. She's covered breaking research news and profiled people living with chronic conditions. She has also reported in several investigative health policy documentaries, on topics ranging from AIDS and doctor shortages, to cataract surgery and nursing homes, aired across Canada and in the U.S.

She's currently the syndicated Longevity columnist for CBC Radio, with weekly advice on how to live a longer, better life.


Sharon holds a Bachelor of Science, Honours degree in Biology from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

By Sharon Basaraba:

As a medical journalist I have always felt like a translator, deciphering complex scientific material to help people take better care of themselves and their families. Now, that passion for medical research is fueled much closer to home - as I raise two young daughters and want to remain fit and youthful in mind and spirit, for as long as possible. Let me dig through the longevity research for you, too. I promise you the most up to date and accurate advice on how you can live longer and age well.

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