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Solutions for Aging Problems and Concerns

There are a lot of problems linked to aging, from hearing and vision problems to problems just paying the bills. Look here for accurate information and solutions to some of the more common aging problems and concerns.
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Excess Hair in Women
Find out the causes of excess hair growth, or hirsutism in women, and what can be done about it.

Use Pillboxes and Blister Packs Safely
Managing multiple medications can be challenging. Though pillboxes with multiple compartments may help, follow the experts' advice on how to keep track of your prescriptions, without mixing them up.

Aging Teeth
Find out how aging can affect your teeth.

How Your Body Shape Changes With Age
Age, hormonal changes, and shifts in fat distribution can all cause our bodes to change shape over time. Find out how you can keep your body healthy, and looking younger.

Hypothermia and Aging
Older adults are at greater risk of hypothermia than younger people - find out how to stay safe indoors and outdoors in cold weather.

How Age Affects Your Body
Find out the many ways age affects your body, and what you can do to prevent loss of function in your bodily systems as you get older.

The Aging Voice
Do you sound different than you used to? Find out why voice changes happen as we age, and what we can do about them.

5 Ways to Sound Younger
We often associate rough, soft or flat voices with older age; here are 5 ways to avoid voice problems to sound younger and more energetic.

Reflux Voice Problems
Reflux might be hurting more than your digestive system - here's how acid reflux can ruin your voice.

How to Avoid Acid Reflux
Reflux - with or without heartburn - is a common problem as we get older. See how you can prevent this potentially damaging disease.

How Breasts Change With Age
Breasts are just some of the body parts that undergo significant shifts as a woman ages. Learn how breasts change as you get older.

3 Ways Periods Can Change Approaching Menopause
How do your periods change in the years leading up to menopause, what's normal, and what should send you to your doctor? Learn 3 ways your periods can shift.

Surprising Sign of Acid Reflux
Looking for clues you may have acid reflux disease? Check how you sound first thing in the morning.

How to Avoid Hypothermia
Medical conditions and certain prescriptions can increase the risk of hypothermia in colder months, whether you're indoors or outdoors. Find out how to avoid hypothermia.

Get Ready America
2011 is the year in which the baby boomer generation begins to turn 65 years old. America has already been shifting into a demographic with more older people than younger. 2011 is a milestone, however, as the first of the "official" baby boomer generation reaches 65.

Baby Boomers - How Are You Staying Young?
The baby boomers are turning 65 and are more and more concerned with longevity and staying young. We are wondering what baby boomers are doing to keep themselves young and healthy. Take a moment and tell you story here.

Are Siblings a Help in Caregiving?
When you are in charge of taking care of someone, are siblings a help or a hindrance? How do families work together (or not) to help in the tasks of caregiving? Tell your story here.

Elder Friendly Businesses - Your Stories
As more and more "seniors" or "elders" exist in the world, we'll be seeing more and more businesses catering to their needs. Share your story of either a great business experience for elders or an awful one here.

What are Longevity Swaps?
Longevity swaps are ways that pension funds and annuity funds can protect themselves against sudden improvement in the life span of their payees. Find out more about longevity swaps.

What are the Warning Signs of Financial Expoitation of Seniors
Financial exploitation of seniors is a far too common crime. In this type of elder abuse, a person takes money from a senior through any number of scams. Spotting financial exploitation of seniors early is critical to preserving their financial well-being. Know the warning signs of financial exploitation and out in place some methods of detecting it.

Dealing With Death and Dying as You Age
Death and dying are, unfortunately, part of aging. Being prepared to deal with death and dying is part of healthy aging. Take some time to think about death and dying in the context of your own aging and the aging of the people you love. It might not be a fun topic, but don't let deth and dying catch you off-guard and unprepared.

Protect Your Loved Ones from Elder Abuse
Elder abuse is growing more common. By knowing the types of elder abuse and the warning signs, you can help protect your loved ones from elder abuse. Each type of elder abuse has difference causes and warning signs. Know all the signs of elder abuse and be observant to protect your loved ones.

What is Polypharmacy?
Polypharmacy is a term used to described when a person is prescribed multiple medications, often uncoordinated, and is therefore at risk for drug interactions and side effects. You can help avoid problems with polypharmacy by following some simple steps.

Helping Men Be Caregivers
The caregiver role is likely to happen to anyone in a committed relationship sometime. As we age, one or more of the partners in a relationship may come down with an illness of health condition and need a caregiver. Women, traditionally, have been able to fulfill that role, but men are needed as caregivers more and more. Are men up to the job of caregiver? What can we do to help men be good caregivers?

Aging Parents - Solutions for Aging Parents
Aging parents can bring challenges and stressors on their family members. Here is a place where readers can share their solutions for caring for aging parents. If you have a story to tell or a creative idea, share it here. Let's find a positive, compassionate way to take care of aging parents.

Solutions for Aging Parents
Aging parents can be a financial and emotional burden on a family. What is the cost of caring for aging parents? What are the options for aging parents? This problem is only going to get bigger as our population ages, but no good solutions have been found. How can aging parents be cared for compassionately without causing a burden on loved ones?

How Can I Prevent Falls and Hip Fractures?
Falls and hip fractures are all too common for seniors. As we age, balance and strength give way, leaving seniors susceptible to falls. The good news is that simple precautions can help prevent falls. This list of simple actions to take to prevent falls could save pain, suffering and even a life.

Aging in Place Tips from Readers
Aging in place is the idea of modifying homes for successful aging. By keeping people in their own homes, quality of life is improved while expenses are reduced. Spend some time thinking about aging in place for your own home (as you age) and for the homes of loved ones. A little bit of effort can help prevent injuries and extend independence.

Skin Tags
Skin tags are unsightly growths on skin that occur more commonly with age. Find out what they are and what you can do about them.

What Does Aging in Place Mean?
Aging in place is a new phrase to describe creating or adapting homes to be suitably for aging residents. Aging in place refers to efforts by individuals, families and organization to help seniors stay at home for as long as possible. There are some known, effective ways to turn a home into a proper place for aging in place. With a minimal investment in modifications, thousands of dollars can be saved while quality of life is improved.

Health Conditions, Symptoms and Driving Ability in Older Adults
Without the ability to drive, older adults begin to lose their independence. Researchers have long known that health conditions and driving problems are related.

Is Your Taste Changing with Age?
Understand how taste and smell change with age, and what you can do about it.

The Long and Short of Aging Nails
Fingernails can change as you age. Find out which shifts in texture, thickness, color and shape are normal, and which should be investigated by a doctor.

Sinus Infections in Older People
Sinus infections may become more common as you age, because of changing physiology in the nose. Find out why antibiotics are probably not the solution.

What are Assistive Devices for the Elderly?
Find out what assistive devices are, and how they make life easier for older people.

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