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Anti-aging doesn't have to be boring. These tools and games can help you age well while having fun. Try some brain fitness activities or some life expectancy calculators. Then go out and play sports or be with friends - all these things can help you live better now and when you are 110 years old.
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Beat Aging Challenges

Aging in Place

Aging brings with it certain challenges. Whether you find yourself "aging challenged" or are taking care of someone who might need some help, you can beat aging challenges by becoming aware of them and taking action to make things better. From physical changes to financial scams, be prepared to prevent and manage the common challenges of aging.

Longevity Calculators

Longevity Calculator

Longevity calculators are a fun way to see where you stand. Not only do you get a prediction of how long you will live, you can see the impact of your choices and behaviors on your life expectancy. Try out multiple life expectancy calculators and see how much they agree on the number of years they predict you will live. Make a few changes and give these life expectancy calculators another try.

Mind Games for Brain Fitness


When it comes to mental and brain fitness, use it or lose it. Games are a great way to use various areas of your brain. The key is to make sure that your brain is in problem solving mode - learning how to do or accomplish something. That is what helps the brain the most. If these games get to be predictable or automatic, then it is time to find a new activity.

Discuss and Share: Newsletters, Forums and an E-Course


The internet makes it easy to bring longevity and anti-aging news and support right to your computer. Below are a list of resources (all free) that you can use to get updates on the latest news in longevity, find support and ask questions and receive anti-aging tips and suggestions weekly. Try these resources out and find something that works for you.

Book Reviews

You Staying Young by Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz

There are tone of books out there on healthy aging and longevity. Each one has a different focus or angle. Let these reviews guide you in finding the perfect longevity or anti-aging books for you. If you are looking for research, try The China Study. If you are looking for inspiration, try 50 Ways to Leave Your 40s. There is something for everyone in these longevity and anti-aging books.

Longevity How Tos

aging, happiness and older adults

From eating right to learning to relax, living a health, anti-aging lifestyle takes some skill. Let these longevity How Tos help you build the skills you need to solve problems and live better. My favorite in this list is "Taste Chocolate" check that out to learn how to taste chocolate like a professional and get more enjoyment out of life.

Longevity To Dos

To-Do List

Each decade of your life brings different aspects of your health and anti-aging approaches into focus. Use these To Do lists to help bring everything together. Just click on the decade that you are in to learn what you should be focusing on in terms of longevity and how you can make some progress.

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