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Exercises and Fitness for Anti-Aging

Anti-aging can take the form of exercise. If you exercise enough, you can make your body younger, reverse some illness and prevent age-related diseases. Learn about the types of exercises for anti-aging and longevity, why exercise and how to get motivated.
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Boost Your Longevity With Healthy Habits
Regular exercise is one of the pillars of a longevity lifestyle. Find out how to build habits that will support your exercise goals and lengthen your life.

Is Exercising Outdoors Good For Your Longevity?
Regular exercise and being outdoors have both been shown to improve health and well being, so why not give your longevity a boost by taking your workout outside?

Talk Up Your Goals
Working regular exercise into your day will help you live longer. Find out how discussing your fitness goals will help them happen.

10 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself
If you're trying to work more exercise into your day, these simple motivation tips may help get you started, and keep you focused on healthy lifestyle habits for life.

Minimum Exercise for a Longer Life
Standard physical activity recommendations for health are to exercise at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes, 5 times a week. But what amount of exercise really makes a difference to how long you live? Find out the minimum you need to do, to increase your lifespan.

10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Live Longer
Find out which lifestyle behaviors to stop -- and which behaviors to adopt -- if you want to live longer.

How Accurate Are High-Tech Activity Trackers?
High-tech activity monitors boast detailed data on how much you move each day, but how accurate are these devices?

Nike Free Running Shoes Review
Nike Frees are running shoes that simulate barefoot running. The idea is that by running barefoot (or in Nike Frees) you will naturally correct injury-causing errors in your stride and run with better form. I have been using Nike Frees since the first come out and I love them.

What is Barefoot Running and Is Barefoot Running Healthy?
Barefoot running is the simply idea that running shoes have too much support and keep your feet from getting stronger. By running barefoot (or with minimal support), your feet are given a workout and you are encouraged to run with a correct stride. This prevents injuries. Barefoot running is become more and more popular.

Can Exercise Slow Aging
Aging has been linked to exercise through preventing disease, but did you know that exercise itself and slow aging? People who exercise regularly may have slower cellular aging as well as being more fit. Figure out how exercise can help you slow aging.

Walking as an Anti-Aging Exercise
Walking can be a great exercise for anti-aging. The benefits of regular walking can even reverse some of the effects of aging. Get into a regular walking habit to feel more energy and be healthier.

Top Articles for Exercise, Longevity and Anti-Aging
Lots of exercise recommendations are out there. While many are good, most are designed to help athletes reach peak performance or to help people lose weight. When it comes to exercising for longevity, things get a bit muddy. Is it better to focus on your heart, bones or muscles? Is there an age when the risks of exercise outweigh the benefits? These articles look into some research and other idea…

Run for a Long, Healthy Life
Running can be a great way to work on healthy aging. People who run have less disability and lower mortality risk as they age. Runners, in a 21-year study, did much better than nonrunners in terms of longevity, healthy aging and disability.

Golf Increasees Life Expectancy
Could golf increase your life expectancy and longevity? Yes. Research shows that golfers have less risk of death than non-golfers of the same age. So get out there and golf for your health, longevity and life expectancy.

How Much Should You Exercise?
Do exercise recommendations really matter? If you follow the guidelines, will your longevity increase? Should you exercise three times a week, or every day? Researchers studied exercise and physical activity recommendations and life expectancy.

Fitness Level Versus Healthy Weight for Longevity
Does fitness level of weight matter more for a person's longevity? Turns out that people with a higher fitness level have a higher life expectancy, even if they are overweight. This is good news, you can improve your long-term health by increasing your endurance -- you don't have to wait to take off the weight for the health benefits to start.

Pedometers and Improving Health
Pedometers seem like a great way to help people increase their physical activity level and improve their health. But can pedometers help people with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and more?

Tai Chi Classes, Resistance Exercise and Health
Tai Chi and resistance exercises are known to have benefits in young people. Older people can't work out as intensely -- but do they still get the benefits? That is what a study in China tried to show. Find out more about how Tai Chi classes, resistance exercises impact health and aging

Home Exercise for Health Aging
Home exercise has gotten a bad rap. Over the years, simple body weight exercises, such as push-ups, got replaced by complex equipment, personal trainers and gym memberships. The truth is that you can give yourself a total body workout for free, or with just a few low-cost tools.

Exercise for 9 More Years
Exercise can make you up to nine years younger according to researchers that look at DNA as a measure of aging. How does exercise make you younger? By improving the length of your telomeres and the health of your DNA. Exercise 3 hours a week for the maximum benefit.

Walk Away Metabolic Syndrome
Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Walking and moderate daily exercise have been shown to reverse metabolic syndrome. Should you walk daily? Exercise in short intense sessions? Find the answers here.

Exercise, Longevity and Life Expectancy
Exercise and physical activity can not only add years to your total life, but increase the number of years you are healthy. Research shows that 65-years-olds who regularly exercise add 5.7 additional years of healthy life. That is an incredible return. Begin exercising today for a longer, healthier life.

Best Ways to Make Exercise Social
Exercise can be a great social outlet. Read through these ways to turn your exercise routine into a social outlet. You'll benefit from meeting more people as well as from the exercise itself. Joining teams, finding exercise buddies and exercising for charity are some of the ways to make exercise social.

The Hidden Benefits of Exercise
We know exercise is good for your heart and can help maintain a healthy weight, but exercise has other hidden benefits. For example exercise can improve your sleep quality and energy level. Exercise can also make your bones stronger, improve your balance and prevent colds and flu. Find out more about the hidden benefits of exercse

Top Ten Ways to Make Exercise Fun
Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your health, but sometimes it is just hard to get motivated. Use these ten fun ways to add some excitement to your exercise.

Learn to Love Exercise
We all know that exercise is good for our health now. Exercise is also good for our health 50 years from now. By establishing a weekly fitness routine, we can feel better now and for years to come. The easiest way to do this is to learn to love exercise.

Yoga for Longevity
Yoga is a complex mind-body system that includes benefits in muscle tone, relaxation, stress reduction, flexibility, weight reduction and detoxification.

What is Pilates?
Pilates is an extremely popular exercise system that focuses on developing core muscle strength. Pilates instruction can be found at almost any gym or fitness center. Pilates exercises are a good choice for longevity.

How Does Exercise Help Weight Loss?
When people think about losing weight, they often think of exercising more, but burning calories alone won't trim off many pounds. Use exercise instead as a way of helping you make healthy food choices.

How Does Exercise Help You Sleep?
Most Americans do not get enough sleep. Exercise is one way to help your body fall asleep at the end of the day.

Top Ways to Jump Start Your Exercise Program
Is your treadmill covered in dust? Are your running shoes coming back in style? Use these tips and ideas to inspire your exercise motivation and get back into a strong weekly exercise plan. Exercise is one of the best ways to add years to your life and tap into the hidden quality of life

Can Chia Seeds Boost My Energy Level?
Once a staple of the ancient Aztecs, and the running fuel of the modern-day Tarahumara Indians of Mexico, chia seeds have been hailed as a healthy superfood that offers boundless energy. Can chia seeds energize your workouts, and your life?

What is Sarcopenia?
Body composition typically changes as we get older, leading to sarcopenia. How is sarcopenia defined among scientists and aging specialists?

Running and Aging Knees
Runners may live longer, but if you keep running later in life, will your knees be able to take it? See if running will injure your knees and hips as you age.

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