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Can Exercise Slow Aging?


Updated June 27, 2009

Make Exercise Fun

Make Exercise Fun

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Question: Can Exercise Slow Aging?
Aging depends on lots of things -- one if them is exercise. But can exercise really slow aging? Or does exercise just help you be healthier now and doesn't really impact aging on its own?
Answer: This question of aging and exercise is a good one. Until recently, a strong case could be made that exercise impacts aging only through the prevention of illnesses like heart disease and diabetes through keeping the weight off.

Aging and Exercise Linked

Our thinking on the impact of exercise on aging has begun to change. It looks like exercise may do more for your body than simply keep it fit and keep the weight off. In fact, most of the places (called blue zones) where people live longer and healthier lives than average have some component of exercise in their daily lives. Studies have shown that the telomere length (a measure of a cell's age) is longer in twins who exercise compared to twins who do not. Further, we know that exercise is linked to longer life expectancies. In other words, exercise may have its own anti aging effect. In addition to keeping everybody fit, exercise can slow the aging process in your body.

Exercise - An Anti Aging Fountain of Youth?

Not only does exercise help your cells stay younger, there are a whole range of exercise benefits that will have you feeling younger while you fight aging.

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