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Anti-Aging Properties of Melons

Eat More Melons


Updated April 09, 2008



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For some reason, I don't really think of melons when I think of healthy foods. It turns out that melons are like a big delicious vitamin. In fact, a single serving of some melons can contain a whole day's supply of vitamins. Here are a few examples of how melons can really help your daily nutrition:
  • One cup of cantaloupe contains over 100% of your daily dose of vitamins A and C.
  • Watermelons are a good source of lycopene, a substance that some research suggests may help prevent prostate cancer.
  • Melons are a low calorie, dense food. That means you can fill up on melon without eating too many calories.
After learning all this, I plan to add more melons into my diet. They are delicious, refreshing and a great source of vitamins and other nutrients.

Warning - Food Poisoning and Melons

A word of caution about melons. Melons grow on the ground and can have rough surface that are very hard to clean. When you cut them with a knife, the dirt on the outside of the melon can be carried inside (and then eaten). This can cause food poisoning. To protect yourself, be sure to wash melons (even watermelons) thoroughly before cutting.

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