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Learn about life expectancy, how it is measured and how to figure out your own life expectancy. Life expectancy is how long you will live based on your current age, habits and other factors. Learn what matters for life expectancy.
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Facts on Global Life Expectancy
Global life expectancy used to be a pretty straightforward thing. As countries gained economic ground, we would see a slow, steady improvement in life expectancy. That is true no longer. Now we see countries sliding backwards, greater differences between men and women and even gaps between healthcare spending and life expectancy. Here are some top facts on global life expectancy based on new anal…

Add Healthy Years to Your Life
Life expectancy can be increased through habits and other behaviors. Some add a few years while others may add decades. Here are six well-researched methods for increasing life expectancy. Together they add up to 44 additional years (clearly there is some overlap in them). The point is that these techniques will have you living longer and feeling better. Pick one and start increasing your life ex…

Life Expectancy Increased by Clean Air
Life expectancy has been shown to be increased by clean air and through limiting air pollution. On average, improvements in clean air and air pollution have increased the life expectancy in the U.S. by 5 months. The cleaner air becomes the greater the increase in life expectancy.

Death Rates Tell Risk of Diseases and Illnesses
Death rates can be tricky to compare, but death rates also tell us what our risk for different causes of death is. For example, death rates can tell us if we are more at risk from cancer or heart disease. By using death rates, we can look at what we need to focus on to prevent illness and disease.

Compression of Morbidity - Reducing Age-Related Suffering
Compression of Morbidity is a term used to refer to the idea that suffering related to age can be compressed into a shorter time span through risk factor reduction and healthy lifestyles. Healthy aging's goal is to live as long and as disease-free as possible.

Longevity Calculator - Living to 100
The Living to 100 Longevity Test and Calculator is one of the more comprehensive calculators. The main author, Thomas Perls, is an MD who wrote a book called "Living to 100." This test is similiar to health risk assessments and gives suggestions for increasing your longevity and life expectancy.

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?
The life expectancy of women is typically 4 to 5 years longer than that of men in every country and population group in the world. There is no good explanation for longer female longevity. It could be that menstruation has an exercise-like effect on the heart that protects against heart attacks and cardiac problems.

Longevity Terms and Concepts
Longevity can be complicated. Terms like life expectancy, mortality, life extension and life span all convey slightly different meanings and nuances. Understand these terms, and you will have a better grasp on longevity and healthy aging.

How is Inflammation Important to Aging?
Inflammation is one of the theories to explain why we age. Inflammation is the body's own reaction to allergens, infection and behaviors that we do. Reduce inflammation to help keep your body working well.

What is Epidemiology?
Find out how population scientists track disease in the study of epidemiology.

What Does the Term Genetic Mean?
Life expectancy has been linked to genetics; find out what this term means.

What is methylation?
Methylation of DNA - the genetic material within a cell - tells us how old that cell is. What exactly is methylation?

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