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How To Be Happy Program Overview

Four Weeks to More Happiness


Updated December 31, 2008



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This is a four-week program to help you learn how to be happy. Happiness not only makes life better, but it can even make your life longer. Having a positive attitude about aging, for example, can increase your life expectancy by 7.5 years. When was the last time you focused on your own happiness? Take this four-week program and concentrate on how to be happy for a month. Each week, there is a new skill to practice. Consider it a 7-day experiment in how to be happy. You can even sign up for a free e-course that will send brief daily reminders to your inbox to keep you on track or just read the program information on your own.

Who It’s For: We could all use some time focusing on happiness. We experience plenty of stress and hear bad news as we go through our day, but we spend a very small percentage of our time thinking happy thoughts. This program teaches techniques you can use to increase your happiness by paying attention to your actions and thoughts. Anyone who wants to be more positive and happier every day can benefit from this program.

What You’ll Do: You’ll begin the program with a simple challenge to smile more, which has been proven to improve moods and increase happiness. You’ll follow the smiling challenge with techniques to identify any negative thoughts and feelings that you have and replace them with positive ones. In the third skill, you’ll focus on letting go of beliefs that block your happiness. Finally, in the fourth skill, you’ll pay attention to routine tasks and brainstorm ways to make them more enjoyable and pleasurable. The titles of the skills you’ll work on are:

The How To Be Happy Program

Results to Expect: Happiness doesn’t come easy, you have to put in effort. This program helps you target your efforts to be happier. When you complete the program, you may find that people respond to you better and are drawn to you more because of your increased happiness. You’ll also find you have more energy and feel better. You’ll be able to take on more and have more things to look forward to. Take the first step and sign up right now – you won’t regret it.

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