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Anti-Aging and Healthy Aging


Healthy aging starts with taking care of the factors in your control that impact longevity, life expectancy and aging. Start with improving your diet and exercising more and then move into brain fitness and controlling/preventing chronic illness. Follow the steps below for your best shot at healthy aging.
  1. How We Age
  2. Eat Yourself Younger
  3. Exercise for Anti-Aging Benefits
  4. Look Younger
  5. Longevity and Illness
  1. Supplement Your Aging
  2. Sleep, Aging and Living Longer
  3. Hearing and Vision
  4. Healthy Weight, Healthy Body

How We Age


Aging is a mysterious process that we know very little about. In the scientific world, there is a good level of dispute about why aging happens and what causes aging. Each of these theories points to different solutions and techniques for reversing aging. Find out the concepts behind many of the products that are out there claiming anti-aging benefits.

Eat Yourself Younger


Eating is the most important thing you do for your health everyday. You can eat foods that have anti-aging properties and help you to feel better now and live longer, or you can choose foods that attack your body and speed aging. The best part? Once you start down the healthy path, you won't want to come back - you will just want to feel good by eating these great foods.

Exercise for Anti-Aging Benefits

Your body was made to move. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve your health and feel great too. Exercise adds a feeling of energy to your day and keeps everything working smoothly. Every person needs to figure out how to enjoy exercise and work it into his or her daily life. Don't think you have to join a gym or run a marathon -- there are lots of ways to work exercise into your life.

Look Younger

Anti-Aging Skin Care

Taking care of your skin can both take years off your appearance while helping you avoid conditions like skin cancer. Billions of dollars are spent each year on anti-aging skin care products, but do any of these products actually work? Find out the reasoning behind the products and what they can do for typical skin problems.

Longevity and Illness


From high blood pressure to diabetes, illnesses can decrease your life expectancy -- but not always. Learn the effects of various chronic illnesses on longevity and ways to reduce, and sometimes reverse, those effects. Prevent illnesses from happening in the first place, catch illness early, and make changes in your lifestyle to keep illnesses from growing worse.

Supplement Your Aging


Supplements and vitamins can be a useful took in aging. For example, Vitamin D is looking to be important to healthy aging. Some supplements may be essential (especially if you are taking certain medications and have certain health conditions), but other supplements may just be a waste of money. As a general rule, get your vitamins and minerals from lots of healthy fruits and vegetables -- but know about some key supplements too!

Sleep, Aging and Living Longer


Sleep is one of my favorite things - and that's good because sleep helps your body make repairs and stay young. Think of sleep as the maintenance phase of your body. If you get enough, everything stays in good shape. If you don't get enough, there will be problems down the line. Learn simple techniques for sleep well and make it a goal to improve your sleep.

Hearing and Vision


Your eyes and your ears are a major part of your life. If they start having problems, your quality of life may change drastically. Learn about the common problems with vision and hearing that are linked to aging. There are some simple things to do to avoid problems (turn down those headphones!) and manage difficulties.

Healthy Weight, Healthy Body

Getting to, and sticking with a healthy body weight is one of the most important moves you can make in order to age well.  Not only will you dodge age-related diseases like heart disease and cancer, your joints will thank you too.  Here's what you need to know about obesity and longevity.

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