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Readers Respond: Top Coffee Products

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Updated April 26, 2009

What is your favorite way to get the health benefits of coffee? Espresso, drip, instant or latte? What about chewing on coffee beans (covered in health chocolate, of course). How do you get your coffee every day?

Is it Coffee or Caffeine?

Two questions: Is it caffeine that has health benefits, or something unique in coffee? Also, what are the comparatives between caffeine and cocaine? No, I don't use it, but I know that it's not supposed to be as bad as it's made out to be, and years ago, Coca Cola had it as part of its formula. Was anybody harmed by Coca Cola's formula? FROM DR. MARK: It is both the caffeine and something in coffee (antioxidants) that provides the health benefit. As for the comparison to cocaine - there is none. You have to look at how the cocaine is processed. There is a big difference between chewing coca leaves and highly refined "crack" cocaine.
—Guest MikeV

Plain ole' drip

I used to be a coffee snob, grinding my beans fresh each time. But I've gotten lazier and lazier and now I find I don't see much difference by buying them preground or grinding whole beans at places like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. I'm curious about how much coffee is *too* much (I have 2 large mugs a day, which, according to the measure marks on my coffee carafe is actually 6 cups!).

Espresso all the way

My absolute favorite way of getting my coffee is the simple espresso. I just love the low-volume, concentrated impact of an espresso. I find that lattes and drinks with too much warm milk make me sleepy. Just give me a good espresso and I'm happy.
—Guest Dr. Mark

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